HUGE Energy Won a 350MW Fishery&PV Smart Project Again 2023-08-31

In early August, HUGE Energy successfully won the bid for the 350MW fishing and solar energy project with excellent R&D and product quality, which is our new breakthrough in the global Fishery&PV projects plan.

Fishery PV

The project site is located in the beach land by the sea, it utilizes the salt pond to build a photovoltaic power station, and adopts the complementary construction mode of fishery and PV power.At the same time, it is organically integrated into the sightseeing route, taking into account the development of leisure tourism, realizing the triple combination of fishery, energy and sightseeing tourism.


After the completion of the project, it is expected that the annual power generation will be 125 million kWh, which can realize the common development of economy, environment and energy. It will be conducive to the improvement of the local ecological environment, the transformation of the energy structure and the transformation of resources in the neighboring regions, and further improve the economic benefits of renewable energy.

Our R&D and EPC team went all out after getting the bidding project information. We customized the overall solution of single column fixed PV mounting structure with PHC prestressed concrete piles as the foundation, which based on several technical exchanges with the owner and the design institute and on-site investigation.

In structural design, it adopts the longitudinal two-column fixed arrangement with a span of 4.5m, and adopts the double-insurance module fixing method, CLAMP+SCREW fixed, which can greatly enhance the stability of the mounting system.

single column fixed PV mounting structure

In terms of material selection, it adopts 31um high-strength Mg-Al-Zn anti-corrosion coating, and the anti-corrosion grade reaches C5M class, which meets the anti-corrosion requirements of seaside beach sites. It is one of the most advanced anticorrosion grades recognized internationally.


It can effectively protect materials such as metal, concrete, wood and plastic from corrosion hazards, with high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture and oxidation resistance, etc.

 fishery and PV power

Huge Energy has emerged from the list of many alternative PV mounting manufacturers, not only relying on the rigorous technical team and high quality products, but also relying on the innovative and efficient service system and intelligent O&M services, which are well recognized and trusted by the customers.

As a new type of PV power, Fishery&PV has attracted wide attention in recent years, and we are also exploring and practicing the project for many years. Solar panels are installed above the water surface of fish ponds, and aquaculture can be carried out in the waters below panels, forming a new mode of resource utilization in which power can be generated above and fish can be raised below.

Fishery&PV complementary not only realize the efficient use of sunlight, land and other resources, but also can improve the economic income of the owners and provide more jobs for the local residents, which can achieve the double harvest of social benefits and economic benefits.

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