Huge Energy made a stunning appearance at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in Rome, Italy 2023-10-18

On October 12, the three-day ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in Italy came to an end. Huge Energy made a grand appearance with star exhibits. With its superior materials, efficient and stable product quality, it won high recognition from on-site customers and also expressed its gratitude to the customers. European and American markets demonstrate leading photovoltaic technology and brand strength.

Huge Energy

At this exhibition, Huge Energy launched a major launch of roof aluminum profiles, C+U-shaped steel ground solar mounting system, and BIPV waterproof racks. It also exhibited a variety of hooks and rail solutions to Italian customers, and equipped professional technicians to conduct detailed on-site explanation.

BIPV waterproof racks

The rooftop photovoltaic system on display is highly adapted to the market demand in Italy, where distributed photovoltaic account for a large proportion. The system uses aluminum profiles with high corrosion resistance. It has various categories such as corner, upright, T-shaped, and hook, and is suitable for various color steel tiles, ceramic tiles, flat tiles, and asphalt tile series roofs on the market, with strong optionality. Using the roof to fix metal parts will not damage the waterproofing system of the house itself. It is simple in design and easy to install.

In addition, the on-site ground photovoltaic bracket system is mainly made of C+U-shaped steel. The surface of the system support has been treated with special materials. It has strong corrosion resistance, strong wind and snow load resistance, few installation parts, low cost, short delivery cycle, and professionalism. The structural design improves the stability and installation efficiency of the system and ensures long-term use of solar power stations in harsh environments. It can adapt to various terrains in Italy, and its eye-catching strength has become the focus of popularity in the exhibition hall, winning unanimous praise from on-site customers.

The scene was crowded with people and the atmosphere was warm. After the exhibitors learned about the new technological breakthroughs of Huge Energys roof aluminum profiles and C+U-shaped steel, they stopped for consultation and signed multiple orders and cooperation contracts.

On the second day of the exhibition, the Huge Energys booth welcomed a special group of guests. Staff from the Italian military noticed the bracket system of Huge Energy during the exhibition and showed great interest. As an officer with an engineer background, he exchanged relevant technical issues with Huge Energy’s technicians on site, and provided brief training guidance to the soldiers on site on Huge Energy’s design concepts and the latest photovoltaic support technology.

During the three days, there were constant inquiries at Huge Energys booth. Among them, the characteristics of the products, pricing and related ordering policies were the major issues that visitors were most concerned about. The staff always communicated in depth with the intended exhibitors with full enthusiasm, patience and professional attitude, and were well received. Received unanimous affirmation and recognition from everyone. At the exhibition site, many Italian suppliers, wholesalers, and local EPC teams signed authorization cooperation agreements on-site, with a cumulative installation of 15MW.

Many interested customers have expressed that they will visit the Xiamen headquarters in the short term to discuss cooperation. I believe that ZeroEmission Mediterranean just the beginning of our encounter, and we can expect wonderful future cooperation!

In recent years, Huge Energy has actively carried out global layout, and has made a strong presence in the European market with its leading technical strength, rich full-scenario solutions for photovoltaic brackets and complete service system. In 2022, Huge Energy was selected as the Italian government's EPC contractor and it is deeply trusted by the local government.

As China's leading supplier of photovoltaic mounting solutions, Huge Energy will continue to adhere to the innovation drive, continuously improve its technical strength and industry experience, strengthen cooperation with local governments and enterprises through continuous innovation and product improvement, and contribute to global green energy. make greater contributions to its development.

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