Huge Energy makes a wonderful appearance at the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023 2023-11-21

On November 17, the three-day 2023 Osaka, the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023 came to an end. Huge Energy made a grand appearance with its flagship products, displayed the latest brand and product developments, shared the latest structural design and future development trends, and presented them to new and old customers. A feast of technology and strength.

Huge Energy at the Osaka International Intelligent Energy Week 2023

Against the background of the increasing international demand for renewable energy, this exhibition attracted 1,520 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors from around the world. Huge Energy unveiled the latest ground aluminum brackets & carbon steel brackets, as well as a series of hooks, rails, and ground screw products at the exhibition, and equipped professional technicians to give detailed on-site explanations.

Iteration and renewal. Intelligent creation and innovation

The ground aluminum brackets & carbon steel brackets exhibited this time have gone through many iterations in terms of function, structure, appearance, and craftsmanship. They are highly adapted to the mountainous terrain in various regions of Japan and can provide the best solution for agricultural racks. On the first day, many professionals came to consult on detailed application and installation details and discuss the latest market needs.

This aluminum bracket system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It not only has strong corrosion resistance and wind and snow load resistance, but the span, ground clearance and shading rate can be customized according to customer needs. The entire bracket has few spare parts and is highly pre-installed. There is no need for on-site cutting and drilling, which greatly reduces the difficulty and construction time of on-site construction and greatly reduces the project cost.

At the same time, Huge Energy adopts an AI system and uses AI-LLM large model + optimization algorithm + intelligent workflow to empower the optimized design of photovoltaic brackets. Through accurate CFD simulation analysis, the wind load coefficients of photovoltaic modules in various arrangements are obtained, providing AI escort for power station safety.

Many Japanese EPC teams understand the core technology independently developed by Huge Energy and strictly control the material and quality standard production of products. Customers have more trust in our product quality and manufacturing capabilities.

Highest standard. Leading 2GW

Huge Energy is one of the first companies to introduce smart photovoltaics into the Japanese market. It is also a company included in the recommended list of solar power products and services by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. At the same time, Huge Energy is one of the first companies to obtain Japan's JIS authoritative standard certification, which represents the most important and authoritative standard among Japanese national standards. It not only means that Huge Energy's product quality and quality control have reached high international standards, but also have Stronger competitiveness and influence are also a manifestation of the strong strength of the Huge Energy brand.

In 2019, Huge Energy established a branch in Tokyo and matched it with a complete localization team, aiming to improve product quality and service efficiency and respond to customer needs as soon as possible. After years of deep market cultivation, Huge Energy has lived up to expectations and completed a series of major 100-megawatt photovoltaic power station projects such as the magnesium-coated aluminum-zinc bracket project in Fukui County, Japan, the Hiroshima aluminum profile project, and the carbon steel bracket project in Oita County, Japan. By the end of 2023, Japan The cumulative installed capacity in the market exceeds 2GW.

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