Common installation methods of solar brackets
Mar 24 , 2022

Solar bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in the PV power generation system. The power output of the entire PV power generation system will be affected by the angle, orientation and arrangement of bracket installation.


Solar brackets have a variety of classification methods, which can be divided into welding type and assembly type according to the connection mode; According to the installation structure, it is divided into fixed type and tracking type; It can be divided into ground type and roof type according to the installation site. No matter what kind of solar mounting system, its structure is generally similar, including connectors, columns, beams, auxiliary parts, etc.

Ground Solar Mounting System

Ground solar system refers to the solar system installed in the outdoor open ground. Generally, the foundation adopts the form of concrete block, directly buried type or the type of ground screw.

Roof Solar Mounting System
The roof is divided into slope and flat according to the inclination angle. For the sloping roof, the tiling method is usually used to conform to the roof slope, and the layout can also be arranged at a certain inclination angle with the roof, but this method is relatively complicated, it is rarely used. For flat roofs, only sloping at a certain angle.



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